Hi, I'm Kirsten Jones, I live in Mount Maunganui, New Zealand. My favourite place by the beach!

I am a Mum to a gorgeous boy Ronnie nearly 3 years old!!

I am a qualified Yoga Teacher, doTERRA Gold Leader and Wellness Advocate and extremely passionate about natural healing and health for the entire mind and body inside and out.  This has lead me to where I am today. I have found my absolute calling and I love everything about what I do.
I became a Yoga Teacher in 2015 and created my own classes in Kapiti Coast, Wellington before I moved up north.  

I knew I wanted to add something else to my teaching, I was searching for something more, something that could help me and my family and friends on a much deeper level, I had tried SO many things and was beginning to feel frustrated with just feeling 50% most of the time, even though I was doing everything. I have always naturally wanted to help people feel their best!

doTERRA Essential Oils came into my life and I knew this was what I had been searching for! I applied Balance to the soles of my feet and had the most amazing sleep I had, had in a long  time. I now do not go to bed without oils applied and the diffuser on!

Before all of this I was suffering with mild depression, I was shy, lacking confidence, lost and had no idea where I was heading. It took alot of soul searching but I can tell you it was SO worth it!  I am so greatful to be on this path and now I am here to help you improve your health emotionally physically and spiritually, to bring out the best version of you.  

Yoga and Oils have completely changed and turned my life around! Not only have they helped me to feel more confident, connected, calm, balanced and given me courage to be ME. They have also given me the most incredible opportunity to create a business that works around my family, mum life and allows me to continue to grow and rise up and to help others that need this too to step into their true light and believe in themselves.

My Yoga Classes are all infused with Essential oils to enhance all of the amazing benefits you get from practicing yoga. 

Please come and experience the power and synergy of Yoga and Oils and feel the difference!

I would love to connect with you in some way, please don't hesitate to contact me

Love + Light,
Kirsten  x