Yoga Classes

Kirsten ensures you will feel comfortable no matter what level of practice you are at.

Kirsten offers a supportive teaching environment, beginners and any level are welcome.  If you are completely new to Yoga this is the perfect place to begin 'everyone has to start somewhere'

You will notice a difference of how you feel after just once class! 

You will be guided through an intuitive flow which will help to build strength throughout your body and mind, release stored tension, get in touch with your intuition, create a sense of peace and calm and carry this into your everyday life.  doTERRA Essential Oils will be infused throughout to help enhance all of the amazing benefits you receive from practicing yoga. 

Essential oils create a vibration effect that will travel through your body, inhaling an essential oil has the power to completely shift and change your entire energy and mood.  You will feel more grounded, connected, calm and uplifted. 

When you come into Savasana to finish the practice you will feel deeply relaxed with the oils creating an even deeper relaxation for your experience to be completely for YOU.  These classes are all about you, helping you to look inside, create awareness and step back from your busy life! 

You will always finish a class feeling lighter, calmer and more peaceful.

What people say after a yoga class...

"Amazing amazing amazing. Get involved peeps! Kirsten's approach and style is great. It focuses on support body mind and emotions. It's a great workout too." 

Rose, Tauranga

"Yoga and oils - the perfect blend. Kirsten is a wonderful teacher with a beautiful holistic approach to wellness."

Carisse, Hamilton

"Thanks so much Kirsten I really enjoyed the class and will be back for sure. Yoga outdoors just makes it even more powerful and incorporating the oils was lovely."

Chantelle, Hamilton

"Kirsten is such a great yoga teacher... her classes are so good and I always leave feeling super relaxed. Love love love her yoga & essential oils workshops... I highly recommend Kirsten to anyone who wants to get into Yoga or Essential Oils! x"  

Jade, Hamilton

"Kirsten is a fabulous yoga teacher and the 4 week Sunday arvo retreats are such a great way to end the weekend. The oils are a lovely touch, I’ve never used them before but am addicted now."

Rochelle, Tauranga

"Love Kirsten’s yoga retreat and how she incorporates the oils. I always feel so much better after and I am very grateful, highly recommend. Thank you Kirsten." 

Elly, Tauranga

"Thank you Kirsten, for your support with your yoga classes, you just seem to hit the spot each time, and incorporating the essential oils into the class is the bomb! The oils compliment the yoga practice perfectly. Love and Light to you. 

Kathy, Hamilton

"Best yoga class I've been to. Love the incorporation of essential oils. Highly recommend!" 

Tiffany, Hamilton 

"Kirsten is a wonderful intuitive yoga teacher. I always love attending her classes as they are fun and my soul always feels full and joyful when I finish. The incorporation of essential oils into the practice really elevates the healing for me and I just love it"

Tahna Tauranga